Why Men Marry Bitches

Why Men Marry Bitches

I recommend the book entitled "Why Men Marry Bitches"... A Woman's Guide to Winning Her Man's Heart By Sherry Agov, an award winning prolific writer in the U.S. especially to all the women out there. 

BITCH, a pink colored lipstick cover of the book was used by the writer to coax everyone to read it. From the word Bitch, not the meaning of the literal one. The writer of the book used the word Bitch pertaining to a wise, intelligent and professional woman. 

The book provides effective tips on how to know well your man and his perception about his girlfriend. Promise me! You're gonna love it. 

For men who want to read, this book is not just only for women, believe me, this is also a big help to you in knowing the moves of your girlfriend and a guide for you to keep your relationship stronger. Read now! :) 


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