The Project Worship Concert 2013

It has been years since I wasn't able to join Project Worship Concerts. Project Worship Concert is an annual concert created by the Youth for Christ Music Ministry of Bukidnon and usually happens on the last week month of May. It is a gathering of the different Youth for Christ all over Bukidnon.  I always remember that when I was still in high school, I always watch this concert and never ever forget it. The concert is a form of worship and prayer where everyone can reflect through spiritual songs and various inspirational videos. Fortunately, I was able to attend the said concert because of marking it as "Important Event" on my timeline plus with follow up invitations from my friends.

The Project Worship Concert Poster. 
The beautiful back drop of the concert. 
The Youth for Christ worshiping and singing with the band. 

The genuine happiness of the Youth for Christ after the concert. 
A photo with my dear friends and catching up latest news from them. 

Yours truly, BukidnonVoice at the stage of the CAP Auditorium in Valencia, Bukidnon. 
A photo with my self at the back drop of the stage. 
Ate Josille Sabsal with my cousin Marian Cid.

Together with the Youth for Christ musicians: Lee (wearing the blue 3/4 shirt) and Reji (wearing the checkered vest). 

With my ultimate and best guitarist friend in the group, Reji Obedencio. 


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