My 20th Birthday

Hey, another mile stone again in my life as I get older. One of my most awaited and annual special day in my life is my birthday. I am so happy to celebrate my birthday today. I sought that as you get older, you’ll have less expectations and wants, as far as I recall when I was a kid, I use to cry if my mum will not prepare foods, parties and all other birthday stuff’s. Now, as I celebrate my birthday with just a simple treat and greetings, I AM HAPPY AND CONTENTED. 

Well, life goes on. I am so thankful especially to the Lord, for giving me another year to explore the world and to continue what I have started in life. To my dear parents, sisters and family, who love me for what I am, who understands me in times of trouble, thank you so much for being there for me. I love you Ma and Pa! And to my dear friends, who are there to kick and push me to aim high, who loves me so much and who journeyed with me in my musical career, thank you so much! That’s what really friends are for. 


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