Coffee On A Very Cold Saturday Afternoon

10:07:00 PM

It was a peculiar Saturday in Bukid. It was very cold to extent that the city is like a Zombie place, LOL! I mean I haven’t seen any people wandering the city because it was raining hardly. Here I come, wandering the city because it was weekend and I was waiting for someone else. Too bad! My friend whom I waited for 1 hour cannot come for the reason the weather isn’t good, he’d rather sleep than wandering and blah blah blah! OKAY. Well then, I’ll take the solo flight. Instead of going back home, I went to a cake and coffee shop somewhere, and there I spent my Saturday afternoon over coffee with a bit of classical music. It was fun and epic!

A photo inside the coffee and cake shop.

 I ordered Ham & Cheese Bread and Coffee. 

Brownies as my dessert. Oh Lord, forbidden food for us singers. :(

Selfie Selfie din pag may time! HAHAHA

The wet pavement in the city of Malaybalay. 

The Bukidnon State University Museum

4:36:00 PM

I always love to visit museums whenever I have time. In my school (Bukidnon State University), I am so fortunate to find one. The Bukidnon State University Museum entails the genuine and treasures of Bukidnon people over the past years. The museum features different things, paintings and artifacts about Bukidnon culture and indigenous things. Our school was fortunate to gather these arts and what we called "antiques", it's also a way of emancipating the cultural aspects and its diversity. The museum has an impact especially to the sociologists and artists, which serve as their reference and place where they can conduct their studies and art works. Fortunately, I know very well the in-charge of the museum, who is actually a good educator and a philosopher in BSU. I am so honored to be given the chance to tour around and especially to take photos. 

The indigenous things, artifacts, costumes, portraits, paintings, accessories were all donated, preserved  and deposited in the BSU Museum for educational purposes and for awareness of everyone. 

The Bukidnon State University Museum is located at the 2nd floor of BSU Elementary Laboratory School, under the supervision of Ms. Loreta Sol Dinlayan. Museum is open from  Monday to Friday.

The Dessa Quesada in In My Father's House

9:10:00 PM

Dessa Quesada portraying Amanda Santamaria in In My Father's House in Luce Auditorium, Silliman University, Dumaguete City. 

Photos were taken from the Silliman University Cultural Affairs Committee Facebook Page. 

It was somewhere in December 1941. It was the darkest hour in Dumaguete City when the second World War happened. The Santa Maria family faced the poignant and difficulties in the war. 
The award-winning play by Sillimanian Palanca Hall-of-Famer Ms. Elsa Martinez  Coscolluela and Directed by legendary Amiel Leonardia. 

I featured ma'am Dessa Quesada for the reason of thanking her for teaching me techniques in theater and in drama. I got to know her last 2010 when I was one of the chorale singers of Bukidnon State University Chorale, also I was introduced to her by our choir conductor. I've had the good fortune to join her acting workshop in Bukidnon, and I find it very rewarding and such a big honor. I also knew that she's part of the Melendez clan of Bukidnon, she is the younger sister of the renowned Filipina composer Odette Quesada, as well as one of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) artist in Manila.  

Premieres on July 20, Saturday at 3:00 PM Matinee and 8:00 PM Gala.

Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium
Silliman University
Dumaguete City

Jackie O: The Fashion Statement and Style

5:58:00 PM

A woman who was known for her elegance, sophisticated tastes, styles and the standard example of every women in the world in terms of fashion. Its no surprise why she was dubbed as "One of the most consistently celebrated woman in the fashion industry", being able to spent thousands of dollars just for her first class chic ensembles. She was  highlighted for her  wide leg trousers, striped shirts, silk scarves, espadrilles and oversized sunglasses for daytime dressing and draped, patterned, glamorous gowns for evening. Also notable for her favorite distinguish designs by Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Dior and many others. 

For those of you wondering why I love Jackie O, it's because of her artistic instincts and styles. As an artist, I don't limit my appreciation to a certain art. I maybe a singer and inclined in performing arts, but I also appreciate fashion and coutures, though I am not one of those fashionistas and stylist.

Andrea O. Veneracion... In Memoriam

10:03:00 PM

Andrea Veneracion
1928 - 2013

My warmest wishes and affection to the family of Madam Andrea "OA" Veneracion. She will always be remembered through her legacy in music, and as the founder of the famous Philippine Madrigal Singers who competed every prestigious choir competitions in the world. She will always be the good conductor and the music teacher of every musicians in the Philippines and in abroad. May madam OA and the angels in heaven sing hymns of praise to God. Thank you Madam for rekindling the passion for chorale artistry. Your legacy is priceless. May you rest in peace! 

Meeting the Virtuoso's

1:50:00 PM

For once in my life, meeting with extraordinary and talented people is a great blessing and opportunity. 

With Sir Noel Azcona - One of the Philippines' celebrated Baritone, Ass. conductor of the 2010 Choir of the World University of Santo Tomas Singers (UST Singers), who is my very very very ULTIMATE IDOL of all Baritones in the Philippines. I mean it. 

With Sir Fidel Calalang Jr. - The conductor of the internationally renowned choir and the 2010 Choir of The World University of Santo Tomas Singers (UST Singers).  

With ma'am Elizabeth "Su" Vista Suarez - Silliman University's Dean of the College of Performing and Visual Arts. The renowned conductor and pianist. 

I would like to thank ma'am Chebing Barroso-Abejuela, conductor of the internationally acclaimed Bukidnon State University Chorale, for giving me the opportunity to meet and take photo with these talented and very humble musicians in the Philippines. I am so honored to meet them, I only see them before on TV and concerts, but seeing and meeting them personally is a rare and once in a lifetime opportunity. 


Yours truly,

Yours truly,