Coffee On A Very Cold Saturday Afternoon

It was a peculiar Saturday in Bukid. It was very cold to extent that the city is like a Zombie place, LOL! I mean I haven’t seen any people wandering the city because it was raining hardly. Here I come, wandering the city because it was weekend and I was waiting for someone else. Too bad! My friend whom I waited for 1 hour cannot come for the reason the weather isn’t good, he’d rather sleep than wandering and blah blah blah! OKAY. Well then, I’ll take the solo flight. Instead of going back home, I went to a cake and coffee shop somewhere, and there I spent my Saturday afternoon over coffee with a bit of classical music. It was fun and epic!

A photo inside the coffee and cake shop.

 I ordered Ham & Cheese Bread and Coffee. 

Brownies as my dessert. Oh Lord, forbidden food for us singers. :(

Selfie Selfie din pag may time! HAHAHA

The wet pavement in the city of Malaybalay. 


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