My On-Air Interview

I got the chance of being invited to an on air interview by our school’s radio station called DXBU 104.5, in line with their upcoming station anniversary this October. A series of interview with the city’s well-known personalities as well as from inside the campus of Bukidnon State University. Honestly speaking, I am so honored to be chosen as one. I did not expect that the DXBU station would love to have me as their guest, as it is a form of flattery to me. I mean I can’t compete and set up my standards to those prominent guests that they invited over. Oh God! But it was my decision to accept it as my advantage and also the channel to brand myself in our school.

I took the on air interview for various reasons. First, to gain more exposure by introducing myself. Second, to promote my one and only blog BukidnonVoice, the blog which I am using as a tool for emancipating my advocacy and my love for performing arts, which followed by branding myself as a Blogger in our department. Third, to share my triumphs as a BA – English Language student, from the battles that I’ve been through in language and in literary. And lastly, to inspire young people to share and use their God-given talent for good.

The interview ended by a song performance from the Broadway “Wicked” entitled For Good. I was kind of having second thoughts, because if there are listeners who are fan of Wicked, am sure they would love to hear the famous song from the musical which is Defying Gravity. But I chose to sing For Good because I love the content and the thought of the song. It inspires me more to write and to promote Bukidnon talents.


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