A Journey So Far: The Mindanao Blog Awards 2013

I’m a new blogger from Bukidnon and I belong to Bukidnon Bloggers Organization. I was trained by one of the Philippines renowned Blogger, PR, publicist, the woman behind the award winning owned by Ms. Maria Irene Aserios. 

Months ago, I was invited by Ms. Maria A. Jose, the chairman of Mindanao Blog Awards through Facebook and monitored the MBA 2013 page everyday. I've been blogging for almost 8 months and I figured it lately that I also have this talent in blogging aside from performing on stage. Yes, with my goals and advocacy, blogging might be the tool for publicity. I blog about my personal experiences in life, my purpose which is to promote Bukidnon talents and culture, since I am an advocate of arts.  

On the month of October 2013, I was surprised after I checked the Bukidnon Bloggers Organization FB page, saying that my blog was nominated for the special award / Breakthrough Blogs of Mindanao 2013. OMG! This isn't happening. So I was asking for the confirmation of the founder of Bukidnon Bloggers Org. if that nomination was just a joke or not. Oh God! It’s real. I mean, yikes! I felt so staggered. So there, it’s confirmed and I AM NOMINATED for the special award of MBA 2013. What I did everyday was to check keenly my posts months ago and see whether I could still pull or revise some of it. I really need to do it because I am nominated; of course I want to win the title.

As the month of October goes on and on, the Day of Judgment has come. Welcome to Davao City! The Mindanao Blog Awards night will be at The Marco Polo Hotel, Eagle’s Bar on October 26, 2013. 

Day 1

October 25, 2013

Arrival in Davao City. I was so lucky that I was adopted by my mentor Mindanaoan Irene to be with her mum at their hotel, which is the country’s celebrated silky experience the Seda Abreeza in Davao. Arriving at Seda around 7:30pm was astonishing for me. I know not all are privilege to enter and stay in Seda. And there we stayed in our room, the lucky 1014 room. Of course we took photos for our different blogs and explore what’s inside. KA HAYAYHAY BA! After which, we had our dinner at Abreeza and ate Irene got us tickets for cinema. We watched “Captain Philips”, and it was so dramatic and touching. I remembered the people watching inside the cinema, focused and emotional in some of the scenes. It was a night! Zzzzzz….

The main facade of Seda Davao. 
Seda's information and Check-in center. 
Seda's lobby. 
Seda's lobby and restaurant. 
Our room is facing the Abreeza Mall. 

A photo with myself after going to the Arbeeza's theater. 

Day 2

October 26, 2013

The day of judgement. Hello and Good morning Davao City! It was a beautiful day and the first thing I did when I woke up was to pray an thank the Lord and took a glance of the Abreeza mall (our room was on 10th floor) so we can really see the main facade  and there, it was a long journey for the auditionees of the Pinoy Big Brother, seeing them falling in line together with their parents supporting, it made me reminisce my Pilipinas Got Talent days in 2009. TBT! Breakfast followed at the lobby of Seda, yummm!!! It was all splendid buffet foods out there, we ate and we had our chit-chat. Then after, we went to SM Lanang, ate Irene brought me to Forever 21 and there we were checking out best outfit for the evening’s event which is the awarding of MBA. Went back to Seda to prepare for our big event, but before that, ate Irene and I went swimming at the Seda pool. Oh God, we need to swim in order to relive tension  Swimming is over, yes, put on the make-up, dress accordingly, selfie selfie pag may time and we are on our way to Marco Polo. 

Breakfast and merienda at Seda. 
At the SM Lanang Premier. 
At Seda's Gym, then after we went swimming before our main event. 
Seda's pool. 

Getting ready and heading our way to Marco Polo. 

The sumptuous buffet breakfast at the Seda.

My all time favorite "Kakaning Pinoy".  

Finally at the Marco Polo, we registered and had our pictorials at the main banner of MBA. Cocktail foods and cocktail drinks, present! And 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Welcome to Mindanao Blog Awards 2013 Awarding ceremony. The program was headed by the chairman, Ms. Ria Jose together with the MBA volunteers. Reading the categories and the special awards followed and BOOM! BukidnonVoice was awarded as one of the Breakthrough Blogs of Mindanao 2013.

A photo taken at the Mindanao Blog Awards photoshoot banner and welcome area. Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City 

From the moment I was awarded as one of the Breakthrough Bloggers of Mindanao, I was so shocked that I couldn't think anything but to believe that my name was called. I mean, I was out the blue, I was having second thoughts that I won’t win the title since I saw the blogs of the other contenders and most of their blogs are well developed and designed. But nonetheless  I won, BukidnonVoice won! Woot woot!!!

A photo with my awards after the Mindanao Blog Awards night. 

Day 3

October 27, 2013

Good morning Seda! This was our last day at the beautiful Seda hotel. I will miss this hotel and the hospitality that they have offered to us for 2 days. After we checked out, we went to the famous pasalubong store, the Davao’s Lola Abon’s pasalubong. I got the chance to visit the real Lola Abon’s store since I only bought their Durian candy’s at the terminal before. Lola Abon’s pasalubong would definitely complete your Davao experience which is one a kind. We boarded the bus and we are heading to Bukidnon. I am so happy that when I get home to Malaybalay, I brought with me the bacon and the happy memories. It was a complete experience to me and I will always cherish those moments I had with my dear good friends, and the people who made it possible for me to become an award-winning blogger. Truly I am inspired and I will use my blog for good reasons and for helping others achieved their dreams. 

Our last breakfast at the Seda. 
With the award-winning "Bukidnon Blogger of the Year 2013". My 2nd mum, teacher and photographer as well - ma'am Reina Aserios


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