2013 Unforgettable Moments

2013 is a fruitful year to me. It’s not just because of my career; it’s because of the most precious moments that the year gave me. Sad to say in a few days, we will bid farewell to year 2013 and welcome the year 2014. Here are some of my unforgettable moments.

Meeting with His Eminence Antonio Luis Tagle 

It was such an honor for once in my life to meet and talk with Cardinal Tagle. I got the chance to meet him in person during the feast of Transfiguration at the Monastery last August 6, 2013. He was the main guest of honor during the classical concert on the evening. I really did not expect to have a small chit-chat with him. I was so amazed that he’s very fluent in speaking Italian language, to the extent that I suffered from nosebleed! LOL! He was very accommodating and simple. I didn’t hesitate to sing in front of him, I sang “Hear My Prayer” of Moses Hogan and I was like… Oh Lord please hear my prayer. I will NEVER EVER forget the moment when Cardinal Tagle said, “Hijo, would you like to be part of the monks here?”. 

The Mindanao Blog Awards 2013

Another memorable moment was achieving my 1st award as Blogger of Mindanao. On October 26, 2013 at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao, it was the Mindanao Blog Awards 2013. This I can say an EARLY GIFT for Christmas! It was a night of grandeur, happiness and fun. I became more obsessed in blogging; I wanna explore more the whole beauty of blogging after I won. Of course, achieving the 2013 Breakthrough Blog of Mindanao award would not be possible if not with the constant help of my mentor Ms. Irene Aserios of Mindanaoan.Com. It was a great quantum leap of my fortunes to receive that prestigious award. 

The Tabang Malaybalay

When Bagyong Yolanda devastated the Philippines, many were affected and suffered from the typhoon. It was all about UNITY. I am very proud to be part of Tabang Malaybalay Team. It was the time when Jamie Gellor, Michael Ho, Jacquee Baula and I hosted a benefit dinner for Yolanda victims. I will never forget the efforts, countless meetings and the dedication of everyone just to help the victims. The benefit dinner went well and our team is on the process of reaching out our destined place to help which is Barangay Saugan in Eastern Samar. Maybe next year, the Tabang Malaybalay will go to Easter Samar and start our mission.     


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