The #YesWeCan Experience

Last month, our university (Bukidnon State University) opened the filling of candidacies for student government council. Fortunately, I was one of those who ran as for school senators. 

I decided to run it’s because of many reasons, one of which is my extension for schooling next school year. Yes, I am not yet graduating because of my thesis - and that, it gave me the courage to run and to serve again my co-students. Yohoo!!!

Well, if you’re going to enter politics, expect discriminations and gossips. Hello! I’m already immune to that since I am a performer. I was so amazed because in our party (YES WE CAN PARTY) I was in-charge with our public relations /PR, and the social media, I was in-charge because I was trained by one of the best PRs in the country. Every time I am with her, I always observe what she does and her magic in coaxing the people. It took me 3 months to prepare and to promote our officers in the school. We competed 2 parties and for me, I competed 36 senators.

Finally the final verdict has come. February 28, 2014 is our university wide election. It was the day of chaos and mixed emotions to all who ran. I said, Lord God help us win. Thy will be done. I am actually thankful to the election results, chang chada dang! I WON AS SENATOR in our university. Thank you Lord! 

Here are some of our behind the scene photos during our preparations: 

#YES WE CAN PARTY during our out-campus campaign. 

Me and my co-officers helping each other arranging the flyers. 

#YES WE CAN PARTY school campaign. 

My personalized poster in the school. I used green shawl because it is the signature color of our college. And, the shawl helped me a lot when it comes in to identification among the senators. Special thanks to Legargie Dagbay, my good friend in the party and the one who lay-out my poster. To Astred Agravante, for taking the photo. Thanks! :) 

A photo with my co-officers during election day. From right: Renan, Jojgen, Jason and Moi. 

#YES WE CAN PARTY showing support during the ROTC Tactic event at Capitol Grounds, Malaybalay City. From Right: Ardee, Cherry, Moi, Jigg, Renan and Sabio

A print screen capture of my thank you statement in Facebook 2 days after our school election. As you can see I am wearing another shawl, a black and white customized shawl - the signature color of #Yes We Can Party. I thanked those people who supported me along the way to success. And to God almighty! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. <3 

Salamat Tungkay! Dalaygon ang Diyos! 



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