Last June 9, 2014, I just turned 21. It was the most special day in my entire 2014 life. My birthday is not that surprising for the reason that I was very busy. 

Yes, I was very busy preparing for my debut event in our university. Well, BukidnonVoice is no longer the blogger wanderer anymore but, a student leader now. Since the summer of April and May, I devoted my whole time learning about being a student leader. It may sound exhausting that what I did is to serve and serve my co-students and the university but, it was such a fulfillment to me.

Going back to my birthday, it was simple because my parents and friends greeted me thru text and facebook. I couldn’t ask for more. On the following day, June 10, it was the day of excitement, fun and frustrating. June 10 at last, finally my debut event ended successfully and thanks to my new school family (Supreme Student Council) who was there to give their all-out supports. 
My new found family, the Supreme Student Council. 

University Mass Dance. Hey, look at ME! Super Duper LOL 

The event that I organized. 



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