Thesis Diversion

I usually do my thesis in BBC (Bukidnon Brew Café) - One of Bukidnon's finest and cozy Cafés. I'm the kind of person who hates noise when I'm writing something. 

Vocally speaking, my attention diverted so well in thesis writing. As far as I remember, the last time I published a blog article was two weeks ago. 

It came to the point that I really miss writing and posting something in my blog. Well, that is why I am focused in doing my research so that I can have my internship somewhere. It also indicates that I'm about to leave my college life, hooray!!! So far I'm on the process of finishing my thesis and anticipating the big day - the graduation day of my college life. I will be posting soon new articles. Right now I'm just drafting. It's good to be back here in BukidnonVoice! 

Whenever I'm working on my thesis, I will never ever forget the presence of every sweets. I always eat desserts so that my mind will workout that much. 


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