My Sister's Triumph

I think one of the greatest achievements in life is finishing your studies especially your college degree. Yes, it is when all your hardships will be given justice by wearing a graduation gown and by receiving a diploma.

 Graduation day is also the most awaited part of every parents in the world, for it makes them proud seeing their child walking in the aisle with a big smile and the face that defines success.  

Above is a family photo of us taken recently during the graduation day of my eldest sister. We all have a busy and hectic schedule that needs to be fixed - My father is a Councillor in our Barangay. Most of his time, he sets formal meetings and follow up matters for our Barangay’s development. My mother works in the court next to our city. She travels back and forth if she needs to. My younger sister is still studying as a fifth grader. And me of course, I have a lot of things to and to comply like scholastic, scholarship and travels. If it is really a family matter, I think everyone of us will sacrifice things in order to be together and to celebrate success. Congratulations ate Eurika! :) 


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