Review: A Homemade Special Brownie

Homemade Brownies by Champoy Valdehueza.

Here’s a fact that you should know. Disciplined singers are not so into desserts. If you ask me why? It can worsen the stickiness of the saliva and eventually a singer will keep on clearing and growling his/her throat. A very good friend of mine is fond of cooking, baking and really! Her food specialties are so yummy. 

She made brownies featuring her own version. A killer dessert that is perfect for every occasions. Well, your blogger/singer wants to try her yummy brownies. From the moment I’ve tasted it, I’ll give you one word, Perfection! Her brownie is one of a kind. Unlike the other commercialized brownies, her version is the scrumptious and the chocolatey one. The taste will remain inside your mouth, a taste of not so sweet and not so bland, plus the fudge is consistent and palatable. Believe me, it was another experience for me.

Ladies and gentlemen, hooray to my dear and awesome friend ate Champoy for her special brownies! Hoping for more food reviews soon. 


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