Tabang Malaybalay Foundation Helps SPED students

Another milestone for the Tabang Malaybalay Foundation after extending again their generosity to the Bukidnon National High School Special Education class.  During the holiday season last December, Tabang Malaybalay organized a caroling for a cause in partnership with the internationally acclaimed ensemble and Bukidnon’s pride the Bukidnon State University Chorale, under the tutelage of Mercibelle Barroso-Abejuela. The benefit caroling was open to all Malaybalay residences and families, depending on the time schedule and the reservations made by the organizers and the registree. The caroling was on December 22-23, 2014. The chosen beneficiary of the foundation is the deaf and mute students of the SPED school of Bukidnon National High School.

January 28, 2014 at Bukidnon National High School, the Tabang Malaybalay Foundation and the Bukidnon State University Chorale turned over the kitchen utensils and materials for the SPED’s Livelihood cooking class as gift items from the foundation. The turn over event was attended by Tabang Malaybalay Foundation founders Jacquee Baula, Emil Cid, Michael Ho, the SPED students, SPED Faculty, and the BSU Chorale. Here are photos during the turn over event: 

The Tabang Malaybalay Foundation Founders. Left: Michael Ho. Right: Jacquee Baula and 
Yours truly. 

Mrs. Francesca Pagobo, SPED Class Coordinator formally welcomes the Foundation and the guests. 

A SPED teacher doing the sign language to the students while someone's talking. 

The very talented Hannah - a student with special needs but, musically gifted, can sing well and can play guitar wonderfully. She rendered one song entitled "Glowing Inside" which was very touching and inspiring as their treat to the foundation. 

Sir Pariso L. Orong, Bukidnon National High School Principal during his speech and acknowledgements. 

Sir Pariso L. Orong awards the plaque of recognition to Tabang Malaybalay Foundation, and received by the foundation's operation manager Ms. Jacquee Baula. 

The gift items. 

The SPED students doing the peace sign. 

The Bukidnon State University Chorale performing the song "Roar". 

The SPED faculty together with the BSU Chorale. 

*Photo credits to Jacquee Baula

Once again, thank you all for your marvelous support and for trusting Tabang Malaybalay Foundation. We, the Tabang Malaybalay Founders would like to extend our gratitude to the families who welcomed us in their home, BSU Chorale and their conductor for helping us in our project. This event would not be possible if not with your support and time. Thank you very much and may God bless us all! 


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