A Bukidnon State University Student Helps his co-student with Disability

I really adore philanthropists, volunteers, and especially SPED teachers. We, people with complete body parts should be thankful that we can do the things we love. We should be thankful that there is no hindrance in our everyday lives.

A Facebook post from Pulitika Sa Bukidnon (a Facebook group for all Bukidnon Political and Advertiser lovers) caught my attention. It was posted by a co-Bukidnon State University student, 2nd grade classmate, and a fellow friend of mine, Peter Paul Melendez, a 3rd Year Public Administration student. Peter, but I prefer to call him “Pipo”, posted something that relates to humanitarianism. Peter helped a PWD (Person with disability) student from Bukidnon State University entering the campus. Peter was with his friends when he saw the student without her wheelchair. Peter even asked about her wheelchair. The student then replied that she can’t use it for the reason that she can’t reach the castor part of her wheelchair.  

The moment I saw the post, I was really touched but amazed. I am very proud of this student who attends her class by not minding the impossibilities of being a PWD. After all the disadvantages of this PWD people, they still have the willingness to go to school and to have like a normal life, to the extent that I also admired so much my elementary classmate Pipo who took the initiative to help. I must say that we still have good Samaritan and a gentleman left in the city! 

I will share you the post that I screen captured on Facebook. 

*Photo from Pulitika Sa Bukidon. Posted by Peter Paul Melendez.

Everyone, meet the good samaritan, Peter! 

In my own opinion, maybe the parents/guardians of this student must be with her when she goes to school to send her and fetch her. I know they are a lot of students in BSU as well as in Malaybalay who are willing to help. I also would like to suggest the Dean under this PWD student to help her provide classrooms which are located only in BSU ground floors since we don't have school elevators. 

"If we see someone who needs help, do we stop? There is so much suffering and poverty, and a great need for a Good Samaritan." ~Pope Francis 


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