Give and Be a Blessing to Others

They say it’s better to give than to receive. As we live and conquer this beautiful earth, many of our brothers and sisters are in need of care, shelter, happiness, belonging, and most of all, LOVE. 

A very close friend of mine, who happens to be a co-founder of Tabang Malaybalay Foundation, Michael Ho celebrated his birthday in a remote community in Cabanglasan (1 hour travel from the city). The event stylist and coordinator Michael coordinated with a priest, Father Bong Dahunan of Binhe Te Paglaom Dormitory – a dormitory that helps lumad or native people to study and introduce religion. Most of these lumad scholars are from the Tigwahanon Manobo of the seven tribes of Bukidnon. 

When Michael informed Tabang Malaybalay Team, we then had a meeting and planning. Good to know our foundation head, Jamie Gellor pledge to give something as her gift as she celebrated her birthday ahead of Michael. Tabang Malaybalay decided to donate foods and prizes for the lumad kids.

Tabang Malaybalay Foundation along with Michael’s friends Zyra Manlunas and Ken Cruz who traveled from Cagayan De Oro City to help went to Binhe Te Paglaom Dormitory. We arrived there safely though the weather is not that cooperative. 

Yours truly, making an intro about the cause as well as welcoming the lumad kids. 

A scholar leading a prayer for our meals. 

Ken distributing the yummy meals. 

The kids enjoying their Jollibee meals. 

The giving of gifts. 

A happy kid showing his umbrella. 

The fabulous and generous birthday celebrant, Khelly Ho. 

The Tabang Malaybalay Team with Zyra Manlunas, Ken Cruz and Father Bong's seminarian. 

*Photo credits to Jacquee Baula and Zyra Manlunas.

We were so touched after the games and gift giving. It was the time when the lumad kids gave their gratitude to us by creating a simple series of presentation that includes Tigwahanon Manobo songs and dances. They also rendered a tagalog song that says thank you and hoping to see you again. It was really fulfilling and a privilege to help others. Thank you very much to all who helped and gave us their time and trust. Deo gratias! 


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