Review: The Wine Cellar CDO

Smooth jazz music, good fragrance and celebrated wines in the world – these are just words you can describe a one of a kind wine house in Cagayan De Oro City. 

Frankly speaking, I love tasting wines. I keep on seeing wines from food networks and television programs. I had a thought that these wines have different tastes and signatures from where it was made. Days ago, I got invited by a PR friend of mine who branded this newly opened wine house. It gave me an invitation to go there because of the different good reviews that I read, as well as photos uploaded from different social networking sites.

The Wine Cellar is Cagayan De Oro’s premier wine house. Located at Door 6, Great Spot Arcade, JR Borja Extension. IT WAS really inviting to see! Why, before I entered the place, it gave me an artistic glimpse of piled wines, and that I already know I was in the right place.

I was welcomed by the staff with a smile. Her name is Apple. Oh, PR & customer service, check! I then met Mindanaoan Irene and Becoming Filipino Kyle – two of the country’s best social media personalities. So thankful to see and chitchat with them considering their hectic schedules.

Apple, the smiling staff offered wines from Spain, Italy, France, USA, Africa and more. But that night’s selection was a wine from Italy. Lambrusco di Sorbara, a red Italian wine was the best wine for that night! Before serving the wine, we were given the option either room temperature or chilled. Of course, chilled would be the best.

The Wine Cellar offers the best of the best high quality wines. Wine prices starts at Php. 390 and above. You can also order Oliver’s pizza next door if you want food. 

Our wine during that night. Lambrusco Di Sorbara. 
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Thank you very much Wine Cellar CDO & the management for inviting me! I had a great time in your place. 

You can also visit their website:


  1. Hello Emil, your tito Butch and I went there last week. Thank you very much for the info. It's good if they have another branch (perhaps in the city proper) medyo layu mangud ila place. Very nice! What you wrote in your review were all true. Regards to your parents.

  2. Hi Tita Mercy, marakol salamat sa pagbisita! I am happy that you visited Wine Cellar! I hope you had a good time. Who knows tita, maybe they'll be opening soon. I'll probably blog it if there's another opening. Thank you for taking time reading my blog po. I'll tell mama and papa about your regards. God bless you and tito Butch.


  3. So much love for this blog post! Salamat, salamat!!!


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