Hello 2016 and Thank you 2015

Hi BV readers! How are you? It’s been so long and I miss you all! My blog was silent for 2 months since last year. I am guilty of it! LOL Last year was a victorious year for me, I finished my college, I travelled and it gave me more time to shape back my singing career and my voice lessons. 

Last year my freedom days started since I don’t anymore do my school routines. What I did was to give time for myself and do the things which I love. It was fun and full of surprises. As expected, I keep on going to parties and dinners with my friends. I also gave my time to my Tabang Malaybalay Foundation through planning and joining meetings for new projects and beneficiaries. 

Last year I also tried my luck by joining talent shows. Unfortunately, it’s not yet my time to shine, and so life must go on. It was a great experience to join talent shows with some of the country’s most talented performers. I was pressured by them! But anyway, I also have my talent. It was nice to see celebrities too!

I’ll tell you more about my journey this upcoming year. I would love to share my stories. 


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