What Has Kept #TheSingerBlogger Busy For the Past Three Months

So, apart from my singing engagements, I’ve decided to enter the world of employment. Yes, I left my singing and blogging because I went to Manila two months ago for my training in becoming a medical representative.

Manila was very good to me! It gave me techniques on how to live my life without spending too much moola, considering Manila lifestyle. Not just that, but it taught me to be a “cowboy” when it comes to grabbing a seat in the bus or LRT.

 My daily routine there was very hectic. I live in Parañaque City, two hours away from our office which is in Ortigas, Pasig City.

I woke up at 3AM just to catch a bus seat which not all the time is available. I arrive in Ortigas by 6AM, and I still sleep inside the office because I only have 3-4 hours sleep, I also study medical terminologies late night. 

I can say that if you want to live in Manila, you need to be ready all the time! Watch out for criminals, budget your money, and have patience for traffic. I’ll show you more of my Manila photos: 

I am indeed thankful to meet my closest friends during my stay in Manila. My BFF (Best Friend Forever) Ellen Cabase, Jeffrey Castor, an Ilongo and the beautiful Maria Aileen      Catudio, a Bicolana. Till I see you again, my dear good friends! 


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