Journey at La Bellissima The Peninsula Manila

I always get fascinated with architectures and designs. My Manila journey would not be complete without my number one dream place, and that is to experience The Peninsula Manila. 

When I was young, I already saw the features of the hotel on TV, I was so amazed looking at the Pen’s famous and elegant lobby. While I was working and earning, I make sure that I will save most of my money for my Manila Pen (Dare you, you need much moola while staying there!).

So my BFF gave me the instruction where to go, what to ride and especially, what to say to the drivers. The Peninsula Manila is located at the corner of Ayala Center and Makati Business Center. What I did was, I was looking for the hotel’s façade which is the mini fall and forest like. 

So there, I got into the Pen. I wasn’t able to pass by the entrance, I passed at the back where I was welcomed at Escolta restaurant, and then I asked which way to the lobby. I was escorted going there. 

The moment when I reached the lobby, I felt like I was in heaven! Shucks, I was being welcomed by a good-looking hotel attendant, plus the pianist of the lobby was playing romantic Beethoven classical music. The ambiance was very romantic and everybody was so friendly at all. Perfection! 

 The hotel attendant accommodated me very well! So I was chilling there, I had my espresso and later on, my favourite croissant followed.

It was such a nice experience for me, like not all people are given the chance to try the Pen. The Pen gave me an excellent services and it was very amazing as a costumer. I even went to the gallery site and the foyer just to see all the artistic details. I got so crazy! Then I saw a friend from Mindanao, who, was having her on-the-job-training in Manila and she was enjoying there too.


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