The Novotel Araneta

To tell you about my recent travel, I had a very interesting one. Blogapalooza 2.0 Horizons: The Philippine’s first Business-to-Blogger Networking and Marketing event. 

I got invited by Blogapalooza to join the event in Manila and so as with the other chosen bloggers coming from Mindanao. 

The event was held at Novotel Araneta, Quezon City, Philippines. When Blogapalooza organizers informed us that we will be staying at Novotel, I was very excited! Super! I already had a preview of the hotel because a friend of mine stayed there, and he said there were a lot of French hotel attendees aside from Filipinos. Voila, quelle belle! 

So we arrived at Novotel around 4:00 PM on November 4, 2016. We took the Grab Car from NAIA 3 going to Araneta Center. Perfect!

When I first saw the lobby, I was mesmerized! The ceiling interior was divine! Bravo! Then the hotel marketing manager welcomed and gave us her business card. 

We checked in at the front desk, of course a beautiful receptionist with a smile and a soft spoken voice entertained us, who as well briefed about the hotel and our room assignments. 

I’ll show you the room that we stayed for two nights. The room was presentable, spacious and cozy. It has three single beds, LED flast screen TV, coffee maker and a mini refrigerator. 

 The lavatory was clean and sanitized. The remarkable shower room captivated me! Why remarkable? Look:

 See through shower. So romantic and intimate. 

Good morning, rise and shine! It’s November 5, 2016, the Blogapalooza main event. Before we hit the opening, we had a very sumptuous buffet breakfast experience. 

But before that, I will tour you to their restaurant and the different food sections: 

There were breakfast sections from different countries. I had my English (English Bacon & Egg), German (Sausage) and Filipino (Adobong Manok). Same with Sunday November 6, 2016, the restaurant again gave us delish selection of foods. 

I also took photos of the hotel floors which I reached during our exploration. 

Thank you very much Novotel Araneta for the wonderful experience you gave us! From the bottom of my heart, I am  giving this hotel review because you deserve to be recognized. I shall see you again soon! 

To book NOVOTEL for your stay, and to know more about their facilities, you may visit 


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