The Magic of Non Jiom Pei Pa Kua

If you're a singer or having throat problems, here’s the answer to your dilemma.

I've been performing for 10 years in my whole life. As a singer, you must take care of your asset which is your voice. There are circumstances like sore throat and itchiness that you may feel sometimes. I can say it is a major, major problem for singers especially in dealing with throat problems. 

A year ago, I have a soprano friend from Ateneo De Davao who advises me to use NIN JIOM PEI PA KOA or Pei Pa Koa, a natural herbal medicine syrup that will comfort your throat problems. Personally, I tried it, and in fairness, it was a big help and an angel for me every time I will perform on stage. Thank God! 

I can say it gives satisfaction and cure to your throat problems probably in keeping your throat in wet condition. When I joined a national vocal competition, NIN JIOM PEI PA KOA is always with me and I take it before I will take the stage as well as after.  It was so effective, the Pei Pa Koa helped me a lot and made me a winner. The taste of the syrup is actually good; it tastes like an apple with menthol flavor. 

Don’t hesitate and try to use it. Before that, if you're having a severe throat problems, I recommend you to consult a throat doctor in order for you to know your problem. Please make sure before using it, read first the instruction catalogue inside the box. May you have a successful answer to your problem.


  1. where can i buy a legit pei pa koa?


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