Piniliyapan Hu Bukidnon 2015

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As you know, every Kaamulan festival I have this one event that I really support. Piniliyapan Hu Bukidnon (Glimpses of Bukidnon) is a cultural night that happens before the street dancing competition. It is a celebration of Bukidon songs and dances. As you read my previews blog posts, you’ll read my reviews on Piniliyapan Hu Bukidnon. The internationally acclaimed Bukidnon State University Chorale under the tutelage of Mercibelle Barroso-Abejuela, is the event’s chair and resident performers of Piniliyipan Hu Bukidnon. 

Review: The Wine Cellar CDO

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Smooth jazz music, good fragrance and celebrated wines in the world – these are just words you can describe a one of a kind wine house in Cagayan De Oro City. 

Bitter Bites of K to 12

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Bitter Bites of K to 12
by Jenelyn Amestoso-Cid

                 Five and fighting!

    The K to 12 Program of the Department of Education has been around for five years since its implementation in 2010. Yes, five years has passed yet we still debate whether K to 12 is a help or harm, bitter or better, and go or no.  We still talk of it like bread out of the oven, fresh and warm. Up until now, we still share the same worries and fears.
           Last May 9, 2015, thousands of people gathered around Liwasang Bonifacio and rallied for the suspension of RA 10533 otherwise known as K to 12 Law. The call against K to 12 was led by Sen. Antonio F. Trillanes IV. They laid out, one after one, bad and bitter bits of the K to 12. They argued that Philippines is not ready for that one giant step. Their concerns include lack of classrooms, shortage of teachers, loss of jobs for those teaching in college, and more expenses for the added two years in high school.  
           At some point, they may have a good score. The new program entails gigantic preparation. We can’t just sit around and play safe. We want to be sure than sorry. It needs further and stronger study. Better yet, get everyone involved in a survey. This big change doesn’t and shouldn’t happen overnight. It needs more time. If it was a piece of cake, it would come out half-baked.

           We can’t just close our eyes and play dead amidst these possible problems. Classrooms, if not out-of-number, are out-of-order. Students and teachers struggle in make-shift classrooms. Some even hold classes in the gymnasium. More than 60 students crowd themselves inside a small classroom. We even need more books, manuals, and materials, especially that pupils in primary education use their native tongue as medium of instruction due to the MTB-MLE (Mother-Tongue Based Multi-Lingual Education) which is a major part of K to 12. Add to that, teachers need to undergo seminars and trainings to orient them of the new methods, policy, and grading system. The program is in need of thousand more teachers particularly for the classes required for junior and senior high schools. Even prior to the implementation of the said program, the country is in dire want for teachers, which the government can hardly cope with.

            Two of the strongest points against the program are unemployment of teachers and employees in universities and colleges, and the two more years which parents and most students consider a burden. One more year and the pioneers of the new curriculum will have entered Senior High School. It is during this initial stage when enrollment to colleges and universities shall drop for two school years. This will mean massive unemployment of college instructors, employees, and staff. What will these workers do? Where will they go?

            Next year, Senior High School shall start operating. Questions are coming up like pop corns or mushrooms from nowhere. Are the institutions ready? Will there be enough schools to cater to the first batch of SHS students? What courses or skills are available? These are the possible queries of students. But the big burden for parents is, “how much?” Sending your child for additional two years to school when he or she must either be working or going to college indeed feels like the world is on your shoulders. This would entail additional budget from the parent’s pocket for daily allowance, fare, food, etc.

To all these doubts and dangers attacking the program, Deped Secretary Armin Luistro remains otherwise confident and optimistic of its positive performance. He prides himself of the achievement of the program in a span of five years despite countless challenges.

“On this 5th year of K to 12 implementation, we are running a marathon and I can already see the finish line. We are on our last mile,” Luistro said.
From 2010 to 2014, DepEd has hired 128,055 new teachers and built 88,805 classrooms. About 1.2M to 1.6M students from public high schools are expected to enter Grade 11 in 2016 and 2017. Of the 7,914 public high schools, DepEd identified 5,020 as potential Senior High Schools that are expected to accommodate 1.6M to 2.2M students. The remaining 800k to 1M students are expected to go to non-DepEd providers such as private high schools, private HEIs, SUCs and LUCs offering Senior High School. As of March, there are 1,116 private schools that applied for SHS permits for SY 2016. Answering to claims about unemployed teachers, Luistro assured that 30,000 to 41,000 high school teachers will be hired, and that priority will be given to the displaced college employees.

            It’s a good thing though that DepEd has been pushing limits for the program. At least the facts and figures would calm our fears. But let’s just see about that. The battle has begun but it’s not over yet. It’s too soon to celebrate victory because here’s another thing to worry.

            I can’t help but think if the K to 12 program will really be sustained. Will it be here to stay or it’s just a phase? Will it be just like ningas kugon, only good at the start? K to 12 is the flagship program of Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III. It was him who pushed for this change of curriculum. However, he has no more plan of running again for presidency in the 2016 elections thereby leaving us groping in the dark. This would simply mean a change of presidency and a change of policy. Who knows the upcoming president might introduce yet another educational advocacy? Truly, there’s nothing constant but change.

One more bitter bite?

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Optimism Optimized!

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Optimism Optimized!
by Jenelyn Amestoso-Cid

             The idea of positive thinking sprouts from the fact that there are some things in life that you can’t control. You wouldn’t know when it rains. You can’t be certain with death. You never be sure of brownout. During these dark and dull days, one has to think of bright and beautiful thoughts instead of drowning in tears and fears.

          Optimism is the belief that good things will happen in the future. It is seeing good things from the worst occurrences. It believes that there’s a rainbow always after the rain. It is enjoying the doughnut rather than murmuring about the hole in it.   

Yes, there is so much power in positive thinking. It can turn a life around. It can either make or break. One positive word can save a life. One positive gesture can lift a spirit. Imagine then how millions of positive acts can change the world.

           Optimists are wanted in this world nowadays. We need positive thinkers around us. Isn’t that why Vice Ganda rose to fame? Isn’t that why Yaya Maya of Be Careful With My Heart became phenomenal? Isn’t that why KalyeSerye of AlDub became an instant fever? Isn’t it the same secret why books about success become best sellers? All these send us some sorts of good vibes that give us energy, strength, and smiles on our faces to shake the stress away.
            How then can we optimize our power of positive thinking? Here are ten tried and tested tips.

1. Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid friends and office mates who are negastars or pessimists. Be with people who make you laugh. Should you have a bad-hair-day, then don’t double the burden by dwelling with bad people.   

2. Appreciate people. Learn to compliment something good in people, perhaps their new hair-do, new shoes, etc. Say something nice even to a stranger or to an enemy. Congratulate your classmate for a perfect score, your co-worker for a promotion, even your neighbor for a new fridge.  

3. Talk to yourself. Practice facing the mirror and tell yourself “You look awesome today!” Say “I can!” Try weighing your strengths and weaknesses. Keep doing what you do best and work out on your not-so-good side. If you can learn to accept yourself only then can you boost your confidence.

4. Prayer Power. The moment you open your eyes in the morning to start another day of your life, please pause for a prayer to praise God. When people treat you well, give thanks. When people threaten you, give thanks. Give thanks for the blessings, even for the burdens. Meditate by attending yoga sessions. This will drive away the bad vibes living inside you.

5. Do random acts. Learn to let loose sometimes. Allow yourself to be crazy. Do unplanned things like playing under the rain, shouting on roof top, waving to strangers while on the bus, climbing up a tree, and dancing on the street. Many of the spontaneous stuff that we do turn out to be life’s most memorable moments.

6. Don’t compare. Envy starts from comparing. When your sister has more pizza, don’t fuss. Give it to her, she’s thinner anyway. It’s hard not to compare because human as we are, we have the habit of comparing things and targeting to get the better one. Put it this way, at least you must be grateful that you got something for yourself, might not be the better and bigger one, but you have something that others don’t have or have to work hard for.

7. Post only of good things on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become online diaries for the world to know. Never shout out about your family problems, your lost love life, your rage over your enemy, and your tiring job or strict boss. Don’t spread your dirty laundry. And please never ever curse or say the big bad F word.

8. Do a good turn daily. Like a Boy Scout, make it a habit to do something good every day. You can try helping an aged woman cross the street. You can perhaps pay for the multicab fare of your former teacher. You may consider offering your seat to a pregnant woman. It feels like heaven to help.

9. Remember the good times. Should your glory days turn to gloomy nights, try to think again of the wonderful moments you had with someone special. Reminisce the good old times. This will bring forth good vibes into you.

10. Let Go, Let God. We can’t be perfect. It isn’t always sunshine for all seasons. There has to be rain and pain. For all of life’s problems, learn to let go and then let God do His ways and pursue His plans.

As I was about to step inside the cafĂ© to celebrate my birthday with family, a bird just pooped onto my head. That could’ve been disgusting but I looked at it as a sign that my wish will be granted. I still pushed the door and then came the birthday song. Life is truly how you see it. Let us look at life at the brighter side.    

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by Jenelyn Amestoso-Cid

         Famous American Rapper and Superstar Eminem once said, the truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed. A mother’s journey starts when she conceives a baby and that it gives her baby a chance to live. Life is a gift from God and this gift is a precious one that no one can take it away except him. That is why each of us must be thankful when we wake up every day, when we breathe, and the food that we eat. Most of us think of our future, dreams, thoughts, and opportunities in life, without minding that we are the one who creates our future through prayer and work. As you live, there are so many things you don’t know about, and it leads you to realize that life is spinning and is not consistent.

In life, a person comes along that is destined for you; it might be a friend or the one, the one who will be with you forever. There is a reason why these people come along. Maybe the reason is to give you a lesson and another reason, it will help you know more about who you are, and some are the answers to your dream.

In life, there will come a time where you will experience obstacles, unfairness and uncertainty. The challenge of these life factors is measured through you. It is a matter of fighting or quitting the battle. That is why your true friends tell you to hang on and fight! Because when you face your obstacles, there you will know your potentials, strengths and weaknesses.

In life, there will be a time that good luck and blessing are in favor of you. It is the time that you will receive recognitions, promotions, compliments, and all other prestigious awards. One word to remember is humility. Always keep your feet on the ground. Remember that in every success that you receive, there are people who helped you along the way. A simple thank you is a powerful deed to every human.

In life, it gives you a complete experience either good or bad. You can set your experiences as your teacher. Why, because experience is the one who gives you lessons and memories. Most of the good experiences brought meanings to you and appreciations in life. On the other side, bad experiences are mostly the unforgettable ones, but it gives you a realization so that next time you will not fail.

And lastly, in life, be honest of what you feel because you will never know what will happen tomorrow. Say I love you to your parents if you have the chance. If you like someone, don’t hesitate to reveal it. Make each day count. Forgive your enemies and the people who hurt you most, because life is too short for you to be negative and selfish.

The greatest gift you receive in life is the opportunity to live, meet people and travel. In the end, we will all come to death and at least before dying, you experienced what life brings you. 

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The Power of Giving

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The Power of Giving
by Jenelyn Amestoso-Cid

         There’s more to life than wasting your money, energy and most especially your time while you can do something that can be beneficial. We live in this world that is full of changes and the rise of technology. We all have wants. Yes, there is a difference between wants and needs. Most of us just waste our money for unnecessary things. We have what we call insecurities, and these insecurities we all have seen on the television and ads. For example, a beauty product that gives a branding of looking like the endorser or a celebrity. What we don’t know is that it does not give us contentment instead to strive more even though what we have is what we have. To cut the chase, why not live and be contented. There is another way you can do for your money and time.

          The best thing you can do is to give. Why don’t you share something to the needy. There are many things you can offer like giving foods, clothes, footwear or a simple yet fun program. The moment you remember other people who suffers from famine and poverty, you may be their blessing. Each of our brothers and sisters who are unfortunate in life, they also pray to meet someone to help them. IT MIGHT BE YOU the answer.

          The power of giving is essential because it gives you a pure joy and fulfillment. It is such an honor to be a blessing to others. The moment you share your time and give something, it touches the lives of the needy. You may not know their feelings, but deep inside, they are rejoicing and thanking the Lord and you.

           In the bible, Proverbs 22:9 said, whoever is generous will be blessed because he has shared his food with the poor. By giving, it creates camaraderie to others and the sense of belonging. Our Lord, parents, school teaches us to be generous because life is not constant. That is why if we receive many blessings, let us also remember that someone also is in need. We value our money so much because we work hard to earn it. But let us also think that if we just spend it right away, we might think as well to spend it wisely.

             Through giving, there is love. Love and affection is the key why we help others. Life is too complicated and there are so many things yet to come. That is why we should not be selfish. Instead, we also care and help the society, the people and of course, our self to be loving and caring. As the song of the late Whitney Houston goes, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. The song has a selfish meaning but the thought is true. It order for you to love others, you need first to love yourself.

              This world will be a better place if all of us will unite and extend hand in hand. Above all, God works in mysterious ways. He may make you as the Good Samaritan to others and the answer to their prayers. Give and be a blessing!

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Give and Be a Blessing to Others

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They say it’s better to give than to receive. As we live and conquer this beautiful earth, many of our brothers and sisters are in need of care, shelter, happiness, belonging, and most of all, LOVE. 

Vote Nasaan by Lara Maigue for #Philipop2015

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*Photo courtesy of Lara Maigue's Facebook account. 

Music lovers, let's again support my dear friend and idol Lara Maigue for her #Philipop2015 song entry entitled "Nasaan".  The grand finals night will be on July 25, 2015 and the winner will receive a 1 million cash prize.

Here's the step on how to vote Lara's song entry:

Just type PHILPOP 10 and send it to 2910.

Daniel Matsunaga Visits Cagayan De Oro

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*Photo courtesy of Daniel Matsunaga Official Facebook Page.

Pinoy Big Brother 2014 Big winner and Brazilian-Japanese model, Daniel Matsunaga will visit Cagayan De Oro City on JULY 24, 2015 at Rotunda, Limketkai Mall.

This event is brought to you by Planet Sports and they also have promo which is, first 100 customers with a valid receipt dated July 1-24, 2015 will have the chance to meet and greet Daniel.

A Bukidnon State University Student Helps his co-student with Disability

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I really adore philanthropists, volunteers, and especially SPED teachers. We, people with complete body parts should be thankful that we can do the things we love. We should be thankful that there is no hindrance in our everyday lives.

A Facebook post from Pulitika Sa Bukidnon (a Facebook group for all Bukidnon Political and Advertiser lovers) caught my attention. It was posted by a co-Bukidnon State University student, 2nd grade classmate, and a fellow friend of mine, Peter Paul Melendez, a 3rd Year Public Administration student. Peter, but I prefer to call him “Pipo”, posted something that relates to humanitarianism. Peter helped a PWD (Person with disability) student from Bukidnon State University entering the campus. Peter was with his friends when he saw the student without her wheelchair. Peter even asked about her wheelchair. The student then replied that she can’t use it for the reason that she can’t reach the castor part of her wheelchair.  

Idina Menzel Live in Manila

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Grammy award-winner and Broadway star Idina Menzel is coming to Manila on June 7, 2015 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Idina was part of the Broadway production of "Wicked" portrayinng the role of Elphaba. She also joined Glee and was known for her signature song "Let it Go" from Frozen a Disney picture. 

Gerphil Flores: The Filipina Classical Singer

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Filipinos are know because of their extraordinary talents. Both international and national stage, Filipino talents are being recognized. Lea Salonga, the Broadway singer and actress, and Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Philippines' Prima Ballerina from Russia. A new Filipina singer who's voice is like an angel cascading up and down the scale like a roller coaster went to compete in Asia's Got Talent Season 1 and became the 3rd placer.

5 Best Beaches and Resorts for summer in the Philippines

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Hey yo! It's summer time! It might be boring that we only stay at home watching TV and listening to music. Summer is the best time for everyone to go out for a vacation and do some recreational stuffs. I have the perfect list of 5 BEST BEACHES AND RESORTS FOR SUMMER IN THE PHILIPPINES:

Liceo De Cagayan's Golden Jubilee Concert

9:39:00 PM

Another upcoming triumph for Cagayan De Oro’s premier school Liceo De Cagayan University as it celebrates the 60th (Diamond) Jubilee this year. The magnificent Rodelsa Hall will again be enchanted by having a first class classical concert, 

Tabang Malaybalay Foundation Helps SPED students

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Another milestone for the Tabang Malaybalay Foundation after extending again their generosity to the Bukidnon National High School Special Education class.  During the holiday season last December, Tabang Malaybalay organized a caroling for a cause in partnership with the internationally acclaimed ensemble and Bukidnon’s pride the Bukidnon State University Chorale, under the tutelage of Mercibelle Barroso-Abejuela. The benefit caroling was open to all Malaybalay residences and families, depending on the time schedule and the reservations made by the organizers and the registree. The caroling was on December 22-23, 2014. The chosen beneficiary of the foundation is the deaf and mute students of the SPED school of Bukidnon National High School.

January 28, 2014 at Bukidnon National High School, the Tabang Malaybalay Foundation and the Bukidnon State University Chorale turned over the kitchen utensils and materials for the SPED’s Livelihood cooking class as gift items from the foundation. The turn over event was attended by Tabang Malaybalay Foundation founders Jacquee Baula, Emil Cid, Michael Ho, the SPED students, SPED Faculty, and the BSU Chorale. Here are photos during the turn over event: 

The Tabang Malaybalay Foundation Founders. Left: Michael Ho. Right: Jacquee Baula and 
Yours truly. 

The Pursuit of Art

10:35:00 PM

Earl Ambal is a fourth year nursing student from Bukidnon State University, an artist, specializing in doodle art. Earl started to draw at the tender age of 3 after receiving a crayon present. He loves to draw everything, from his vivid imaginations to any kind of art. 

Review: A Homemade Special Brownie

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Homemade Brownies by Champoy Valdehueza.

Here’s a fact that you should know. Disciplined singers are not so into desserts. If you ask me why? It can worsen the stickiness of the saliva and eventually a singer will keep on clearing and growling his/her throat. A very good friend of mine is fond of cooking, baking and really! Her food specialties are so yummy. 

The Globe GEN3 Store in Cagayan De Oro City

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The #Globe Gen3 Store. Photo taken from 

I got invited by Globe Telecom’s Digital PR Ms. Cat, to join the opening of the Globe’s Gen3 Store at Limketkai Mall last December 15, 2014. Another historical event for Globe as they officially emancipated to the public the #Globe Generation 3 store in the City of Cagayan De Oro. The Globe GEN3 store was designed by the famous and iconic Tim Kobe – designer of the Apple Store in New York. The store features lifestyle zones in order for costumer to feel the power of today’s technologies from Music, Art, Entertainment to Lifestyle.

Happy New Year 2015!!!

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Happy New Year to all and may this year give you the best and remarkable experience in love, career, family and all other best wishes in life. 

Greetings coming from your singer/blogger,



Yours truly,

Yours truly,