Optimism Optimized!

Optimism Optimized!
by Jenelyn Amestoso-Cid

             The idea of positive thinking sprouts from the fact that there are some things in life that you can’t control. You wouldn’t know when it rains. You can’t be certain with death. You never be sure of brownout. During these dark and dull days, one has to think of bright and beautiful thoughts instead of drowning in tears and fears.

          Optimism is the belief that good things will happen in the future. It is seeing good things from the worst occurrences. It believes that there’s a rainbow always after the rain. It is enjoying the doughnut rather than murmuring about the hole in it.   

Yes, there is so much power in positive thinking. It can turn a life around. It can either make or break. One positive word can save a life. One positive gesture can lift a spirit. Imagine then how millions of positive acts can change the world.

           Optimists are wanted in this world nowadays. We need positive thinkers around us. Isn’t that why Vice Ganda rose to fame? Isn’t that why Yaya Maya of Be Careful With My Heart became phenomenal? Isn’t that why KalyeSerye of AlDub became an instant fever? Isn’t it the same secret why books about success become best sellers? All these send us some sorts of good vibes that give us energy, strength, and smiles on our faces to shake the stress away.
            How then can we optimize our power of positive thinking? Here are ten tried and tested tips.

1. Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid friends and office mates who are negastars or pessimists. Be with people who make you laugh. Should you have a bad-hair-day, then don’t double the burden by dwelling with bad people.   

2. Appreciate people. Learn to compliment something good in people, perhaps their new hair-do, new shoes, etc. Say something nice even to a stranger or to an enemy. Congratulate your classmate for a perfect score, your co-worker for a promotion, even your neighbor for a new fridge.  

3. Talk to yourself. Practice facing the mirror and tell yourself “You look awesome today!” Say “I can!” Try weighing your strengths and weaknesses. Keep doing what you do best and work out on your not-so-good side. If you can learn to accept yourself only then can you boost your confidence.

4. Prayer Power. The moment you open your eyes in the morning to start another day of your life, please pause for a prayer to praise God. When people treat you well, give thanks. When people threaten you, give thanks. Give thanks for the blessings, even for the burdens. Meditate by attending yoga sessions. This will drive away the bad vibes living inside you.

5. Do random acts. Learn to let loose sometimes. Allow yourself to be crazy. Do unplanned things like playing under the rain, shouting on roof top, waving to strangers while on the bus, climbing up a tree, and dancing on the street. Many of the spontaneous stuff that we do turn out to be life’s most memorable moments.

6. Don’t compare. Envy starts from comparing. When your sister has more pizza, don’t fuss. Give it to her, she’s thinner anyway. It’s hard not to compare because human as we are, we have the habit of comparing things and targeting to get the better one. Put it this way, at least you must be grateful that you got something for yourself, might not be the better and bigger one, but you have something that others don’t have or have to work hard for.

7. Post only of good things on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become online diaries for the world to know. Never shout out about your family problems, your lost love life, your rage over your enemy, and your tiring job or strict boss. Don’t spread your dirty laundry. And please never ever curse or say the big bad F word.

8. Do a good turn daily. Like a Boy Scout, make it a habit to do something good every day. You can try helping an aged woman cross the street. You can perhaps pay for the multicab fare of your former teacher. You may consider offering your seat to a pregnant woman. It feels like heaven to help.

9. Remember the good times. Should your glory days turn to gloomy nights, try to think again of the wonderful moments you had with someone special. Reminisce the good old times. This will bring forth good vibes into you.

10. Let Go, Let God. We can’t be perfect. It isn’t always sunshine for all seasons. There has to be rain and pain. For all of life’s problems, learn to let go and then let God do His ways and pursue His plans.

As I was about to step inside the café to celebrate my birthday with family, a bird just pooped onto my head. That could’ve been disgusting but I looked at it as a sign that my wish will be granted. I still pushed the door and then came the birthday song. Life is truly how you see it. Let us look at life at the brighter side.    

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