Review: Guerlain's Lingerie De Peau Facial Foundation

Ever since I keep on going back to the center stage, either for speaking engagement or performing, I always make sure that my whole personality and the packaging is perfection. Speaking of perfection, I am more particular when it comes to facial foundations. To cut the chase, I love using Lingerie De Peau liquid foundation by Guerlain. Before, I've been using several foundation brands, but Lingerie De Peau is incomparable and one of a kind. 

Here are my reasons why you should use Lingerie De Peu:

1. Very portable.
2. It’s just very easy. You can use it by your fingers. No more brush.
3. The foundation covers acne scars and wholes, and completely transforms your face into softer and lighter radiance.
4. The foundation gives you a gorgeous sheer finish.
5. Even if your face is sweating, the color doesn't change and will still remain flawless.
6. The foundation will give natural color. 
7. The price is very reasonable. 

Here's a sample of the foundation product during a photo shoot:  

Photo by Jacquee Baula


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    1. Hello Mindanaoan! Thanks for taking time reading my review on Guerlain product. Well, you can buy Gueralin products at Rustan's Makati, Shangri-La and SM Aura Premier.


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