The Joey Ayala of Bukidnon

The immensely gifted folk artist from Bukidnon whose mission is to promote intercultural understandings, environment and the different aspects of arts. 

The unique and one of the celebrated folk artists in the Philippines - Sir Joey Ayala.

Joey Ayala (José Iñigo Homer Lacambra Ayala in real name) a native of Bukidnon who was known as columnist, folk and contemporary pop music artist in the Philippines, as well as his strong environmental affection that can be found on his incredibly musical compositions. Born to a family of artists, his father Joey Ayala is a Painter while his mother Tita Lacambra is a Poet. His music style was distinguished through infusion of ethnic instruments like Kulintang, T'boli, Kubing, and Gong which made him famous and extraordinarily unique artist. His famous song compositions include Karaniwang Tao, Bathala, Aguila, Papel and many others. Recorded and released 14 albums in the country including abroad. 

Sir Joey Ayala tuning his guitar instrument. 

He finished his studies in Economics at the prestigious Ateneo De Davao University. His musical career started after he recorded an album in 1982 at Makeshift-Studio in Davao City. He was the founder of the famous band named "Bagong Lumad" which means "New Native" in English - a name and philosophy that has been carried over into Bagong Lumad Artists Foundation, Inc. (, now a UNDP Responsible Party working on SiningBayan (Social Artistry) capacity-building projects with the Civil Service Commission, the Department of Education, and other GOs and NGOs in the Philippines. He collaborated with Rock Operas, Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), Gloc 9 and many other great artists in the Philippines.

Receiving prestigious accolades like Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Men in the Philippines in 1990 and Metropop Song Festival grand prize after he composed a song for The Concert King Martin Nievera, The Datu Bago Award and the 2013 Philippine Popular Music Festival as composer and interpreter of the song "Papel".  

Sir Joey Ayala as the cover of the Mindanao Magazine. 

 Sir Joey Ayala performing with ethnic dancers during the 2012 Malasimbo Music Festival. 

Sir Joey Ayala, performing with Bamboo on The Voice PH.   

He also served as the (2008–10) Chairman and Vice-Chairman (2011-13) of the National Committee on Music under the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.  And currently, he was chosen as guest coach in The Voice Philippines with Bamboo Manalac in the Team Bamboo. 

To know more of his events and latest news, visit his website @ 


  1. Thank you Bukidnon Voice for this blogspot; a help in our Datu Bago book in Davao as we feature him as one of the awardees. Cheng Vilog


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