Ever since I was a kid, I always love villain roles (HAHA maybe it coincides the whole being me) in every movie. Glenn Close (Cruella De Ville) is actually my superior idol of all villains from her outfit, dialogues to her personality. 

It all started when I keep on wearing all black outfits. Lately my attention swapped from shawls to cardigan. Yes! I definitely love love love love wearing cardigans this time. One of my acquainted friends just told me MALEFICENT! And I was like, HAHA! Seriously? It caught my attention to watch the movie since I noticed in the cover Maleficent was wearing a long black cape.  It all just fallen apart…

Maleficent, portrayed by Angelina Jolie is perfection.  The story revolves between a fairy and a human who were great friends until one of them betrayed the other. Betrayal was highlighted in the movie. It reveals that how hard close you are to your best friend, a time will come that betrayal takes in because of some reasons. Maleficent had a dual character in the film, first she was a kind fairy, and the second, driven by her anger and hatred to King Stefan, she became the wicked fairy.

The story taught me so many things. A person can be good but, when insecurities and back stabbing rises, one can be wicked and can do such unexpected things. Though Maleficent cursed the princess, in the end she realized it was wrong and she was even a hero saving the life of the princess. I really recommend this film to all ages. 

Angelina Jolie during the Maleficent premiere in London.

Maleficent 2014 Trailer


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