Kaamulan Festival 2014: Piniliyapan Hu Bukidnon

12:25:00 PM

Piniliyapan Hu Bukidon (Glimpse of Bukidnon) 2014 is back to celebrate again the glory of Bukidnon songs and dances on AUGUST 29, 2014, FRIDAY, 7PM at KAAMULAN OPEN THEATER. 

Piniliyapan Hu Bukidnon is a cultural show where famous Bukidnon songs and dances is performed. The event usually happen before the street dancing competition. The cultural show will be highlighted by the resident Piniliyan Hu Bukidnon Artists, the internationally acclaimed Bukidnon State University Chorale headed by Ms. Mercibelle Barosso-Abejuela. Also, the Bukidnon State University Dance Troupe will also join the show and will showcase Binukid dances. 

Here are some photos took by the late photographer RICK BENIGNO during the Piniliyapan Hu Bukidnon years ago: 

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Yours truly,