The Happily Ever After Voyage of a Bukidnon Beauty Queen

“A beauty queen will always be a beauty queen.” – A very famous line from a well-known Filipina beauty queen, Miss Universe 1983 Ms. Margie Moran-Floirendo. A true woman is optimistic, sophisticated, intelligent and classy. We see many good examples of a true woman in our everyday living. The “mother” is the teacher and best example to her daughter.

A beauty queen will perform her duties and most of all, turnover her crown to the next deserving candidate. From success to fame, what more can a beauty queen ask for? Marriage. To be with someone who will love her until the end.
Laga Ta Bukidnon 2013 Charliane Lapitaje said “I do” to the one she believes that will be her soul mate. Charliane, known as Yan-yan is a very good friend of mine since elementary. We were schoolmates and playmates. I remembered she and I competed in a school singing competition way back 2004. When we were in high school, our friendship became stronger because we have our group called “Kapugad” – a group who loves to laugh and eat. Charliane followed her dream to become a beauty queen by joining local pageant contests in Bukidnon. Of course, criticism and gossip is always part especially in dealing with fame. When her name rose to fame, she was still then humble and stayed who she was.

The year 2014 gave her the good fortune when she had her big break joining Miss Grand Philippines 2014 in Manila, representing Bukidnon. It was her greatest dream to compete in a national beauty pageant. When they say it’s your year, it will be your year. She then met Derek Schultz, a Canadian, and the man who gave her the genuine happiness in her whole life.

Dear friends and readers, I am glad to tell you that my friend Charliane finally found her true love and that love is for her one and only Derek. Congratulations Mr.&Mrs. Direk Schultz!!! Here are some photos of their pre-nup shoot and wedding:

This will serve as my "official" gift to the couple. I suppose to sing on their wedding day, sing the favorite song of Charliane. Unfortunately, due to my hectic schedules and health problems that day, I wasn't able to witness them exchanging vows together. :( But I know, Yanyan will understand.  

*Photos by Focalmatters Photography 
*Wedding Planner - Michael Ho 


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