Meet Gwapong Romantiko Florencio Fresnoza V of Barangay Sumpong

Meet the Gwapong Romantiko ng Barangay Sumpong, Florencio Fresnoza V.

Hey guys, and Bukidnon folks! It's been so long and I'm here to introduce to all of you a very dear friend of mine from #MalaybalayBukidnon.

Florencio P. Fresnoza V, also known as "Incioy" is a 19 year-old student leader from Bukidnon State University of Bukidnon. Florencio joined school pageants, representing his college and later on the University as well.

He is smart, sweet, hard-working, and the funniest guy of all. I knew Incioy since he began his studies in the University. 

What's with Florencio that you need to know? Okay, one thing I most admire about him is that his commitment. We invited him to join our Tabang Malaybalay Foundation's feeding program years ago, he was there and very friendly to the kids. I witnessed how he was dedicated to extend his hand to the needy as well as his time.

Florencio joined Barangay Gwapo 2016, and representing Barangay Sumpong. He has his advocacy for youth,  encouraging young minds to be the innovators and developers of the country , and upgrading the level competencies. This will envision our youth to participate and create a change. 



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