The Art of Rocking Chair

One of my most admired arts in furniture is the rocking chair. Rocking chair is quite famous in the Philippines because of its relaxing sway and balance though it originates in the states if I am not mistaken. Most of the people who use rocking chairs are the old ones or the senior citizens. I always look up to this kind of art, when I was a child I keep on watching American movies and rocking chair always captivates my attention.  I was thinking of those people who create products like rocking chairs, thinking that it isn't that easy to curve those two bands and design the chair. To tell you frankly, I admired the kind of art but, I am not really into it. I simply don’t really like if I am already sitting on the rocking chair, it’s kind of weird somehow to me or maybe I just don’t feel it. One misconception about the art and beauty of rocking chairs is that they use it mostly in horror movies, which I also hate because there are people like me who got nervous every time they see horror stuff’s. I am hoping one day that I will conquer my fear to sit in the rocking chair. 


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