The Art of Originality

Originality plays an important role in everything. Thus, it is the way in becoming a successful artist and somebody. However, conflicts may start because of some unintentionally copied masterpieces and the act of forgery. In the society, there are people who lived artistically, we may wounder how he/she come up with those ideas without repeating it from time to time. From the very known definition of art, which is the language of soul and everything, some can’t rely on their own artistic instinct but to be a ridiculous copycat.

Upon starting your own work, dilemmas like mind blackout, doubts and out of the blue are few reasons why people imitates. There are actually exercises for you to enhance more your abilities in making art. To distinguish various techniques, there are actually 2 useful tools that will help you to create your art work freely without copying from others. The first useful tool is the “sampling technique”, there is no such wrong reason in setting an example from other artists, hence, it is a tool for you to let your vivid imagination work and come up with a nice outcome, intended that you will have your own design and arrangement. The second useful tool is the “borrowing technique”, we can always borrow ideas from other artists, but we must be sure to apply the ideas that we borrowed with different version and revised ideas. The 2 useful techniques is a basic foundation to all of us in creating our own art work for it also creates a new innovation for our creativity and competence.

The art of being original wouldn't be measured of how your art work is presentable and beautiful but, it matters about originality and the different ways of how you simplify your ideas. Originality is a gift for everyone that will help you to answer your ideas and the questions about your art. We must bear in mind that forging and imitating others work is uneducated acts that will even imprisoned and give us cases.   


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