Artist Should Be Paid Also

I have a friend in Facebook and he is a classical singer in the Philippines. He finished his musical studies at the conservatory of University of Santo Tomas, Manila. I've read one his status and couldn't do anything but to agree. YES! I will show you his status from his FB account telling about poignant experiences about the life as an artist. 

Zip De Guzman's status from his Facebook account. 

Now, if you are an artist, would you be pleased working with NO PAY? That's really unfair! We should remember that we are all equal in this world. We do our job on time and give our all, but that doesn't mean if you are an artist and your service is just for free! :(


  1. I am so happy in a way that artists should also be treated as professionals and shall receive payments too. As what Zip De Guzman stated, artists also pay their bills and all other financial matters. It doesn't mean that if you are an artist, you have that certain skill, and your service is just for free.

    1. Hi JR! You have a point there. Most of the case, artist are teachers, they teach but the problem is, some people take advantage of it. Some people will just say "Thank you" after the deeds, though it's appropriate to thank a person but, they don't think about the needs of the artist. Thanks for dropping your comment.



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