Keeping a Secret Makes You Anxious

Its no secret, every one of us have secrets and the attitude of being a clam shell.  We lived in this world with triumphs and the highs and lows in life. Secrets are one of the most highlighting aspects in our lives, we hide behind our smiles and we pretend okay even if we’re not. Why do people have secrets? Are their people who live without it?

There are actually two kinds of secrets in ones life, the good secret and the bad secret. Each of us has the right to remain silent or keep it with our self as we respect others. But there is this unanswerable question that why do people keep secrets. To make the long story short, we keep secrets because we don’t want others to judge us and we don’t want others to feel that we are pretending. As part of the human nature, we all know that we are not perfect. We commit mistakes, we fail, and we stumble because we are not perfect.

There are reasons why keeping a secret makes you anxious. The first reason, you cheated your self. Your normal attitude won’t work because you manipulate your own doings. Second reason, you feel anxieties  You feel it because you are predicting unpredictable matters even though they don’t exist. Third reason, you pretend. Pretending to someone else is a horrifying act, you may able to make them believe, but there is always a possibility that those people you tricked may know. Fourth reason, you feel degraded  Being degraded by someone else is painful and will sometimes lead you to hurt your self. And the last reason is acceptance. We are afraid to reveal our secrets because we are afraid that people may not go to accept us or even mock us.

The answer to the title keeping a secret makes you feel anxious is to tell it first to your family, a misconception now a days is that people are more vocal to their friends than their parents. We must bare in mind that even we have this secret, the first and the last person who will accept is no other than our parents. Dealing with our secrets to others is a difficult matter. We need to be careful to those people whom we revealed our secrets, we must be sure that our secrets is safe with that person, and we must be ready to face the consequences no matter what. Personally, as the writer of this article, I advice you to pray and seek God’s help. There is no bigger armor or a tool for you but to pray. After all, everyone deserves a chance and to live happily ever after.


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