My Blogging Workshop Experience

One of the social trends today is Blogging. You might hear about a person who writes different stuff’s and earn thousands of dollars. As English major, I am so honored to be invited in one of my friends Blogging 101 Workshop for beginner. I sought that Blogging is one of the most powerful tool in terms of promotion, information and other interesting stuff. What is a Blog? A Blog could be an online diary, an updated personal journal chronicling links at a web site, as well as intended for public viewing. Blogging is a big help for those aspiring writers and bloggers like me who wanted to enhance more their professional skills.    

The Blogging 101 Workshop is a free workshop to all interested and was held at Rey’s Grill Resto in Malaybalay City. There were 8 participants who joined all over Bukidnon. Each of the participants has their own advocacy in promoting their blog as well as their social media avatar. One of the purposes in the blogging workshop is to produce more prolific writers and to create an organization for bloggers namely the Bukidnon Bloggers Society. Irene Aserios, a renowned Blogger and the author of was the instructor in the blogging workshop. It was just a casual workshop which I like; with no pressure at all, not really that formal interaction between the students and the teacher. So we are all free to ask Madam Irene a question. Thank God! We were taught how to publish online, how to earn online, how to connect people online and listen to inspirational stories of a successful blogger. I’m inspired!

The crucial part there was the naming of your site, I couldn't think of anything but to use BukidnonVoice, I’ve been using BukidnonVoice on Twitter and all other social media sites. I think it has a big impact to me when I decided to name my site as BukidnonVoice, with the aim of promoting Bukidnon talents and culture. The Blogging workshop is of prime importance to me for it plays a big role in my career as English major. The Blogging Workshop ended with a big smile from everyone and a freebie’s from Sun Cellular. 

Here’s one of my confession, at home, it took me an hour to design my site, especially from the volume of the color. I want my site to be cozier like. To tell you frankly, I really hate strong colors especially the neon ones. So I decided to get rid of it and customize it in my own taste. Finally, I come up with just a simple style. This post is my first entry for my Blog site. I hope you like it and expect more of my entertaining post soon. 

The new Bukidnon Bloggers. Photo by Irene Aserios.


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