Why Art is Important

Anyone of us may wonder why art is important. Everyone questions what art gives in our daily lives, what role it plays in our daily lives and what should we do in order to enhance it more.  Art exists in our life in many different forms; it could be a developmental art or an unexpected art. Art is everywhere, all we need to do is to observe and develop it thoroughly.

For me, Art doesn't have an exact definition or meaning to it self. There are actually a lot of definitions regarding the word. Every individual are capable in doing art everyday. Art is what we called a “voluntary” act that involves creativity and cognitive matters. All of us were born and raised in different ways. As expected, it is in our self on how we discover art.

Artist is what they call who performs artistic things. There are only seldom people who are given exceptional gifts involving artistic competence like in music, dance, visual, literature and interpretations. There is no such reason for others to be discouraged. Like I said, every person has different ways on enhancing their abilities. Another observation on art is that, it is somehow a procedural and it takes time for us to discover and decide which is which.

Art is so important because it is a tool for us in expressing our feelings, a freedom of expression perhaps. It gives us motivation and inspiration to strive more.  It also builds up the levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, cooperation and communication for everyone. Lastly, it helps everyone understand other people's opinions and point of view.

However, many parents do not understand the importance of art for their children, and subconsciously force them to follow a career path which is not the field of their children. Somehow it sounds unfair, because there are really people who are born to be artist, and that artistic ability will help him/her determine on how to fulfill his/her dream; but this is a choice that children should be allowed to make for themselves. The doors to creativity and expression must not be shut in their faces, even if it comes at a cost of making more money. After all, parents should be obeyed for their decision, for the reason they know what’s best for their children. Am I true?

All in all, we should encourage everyone to develop the different divisions of arts.  Because what we want is a peaceful world that everyone can contribute artistic things and be proud of. That sometimes art is voluntary, we don’t even know that we already have it. What we need to do is to take care of it and do it in good ways for art is not forever. 


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