Why Photography is Important

Photography is one of the most profitable careers for everyone, though it demands a certain professional skills. Photography is an art and also a good practice of self-expression. Photography can be a little bit complicated and peculiar especially for the first timer like me. I've been with some of the known photographers all over Mindanao but I have nothing to do but to observe, that’s what I can do for now. I've been blogging for a couple of weeks, and every time I blog, I want something to illustrate or an image to show so that my reader will imagine my experience and what I am narrating. I can say that photography is important in every aspect for the reason of adding artsy and beautification to your piece. Photography gives more meaning and thought to your subject. It also reflects how creative the photographer is and also the magic of making it more realistic. Now I sought that photography is very important especially to me as a blogger. Anyways, expect more photos from me. 


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