The Chico Barretto of Bukidnon

Chico Barretto is a native of Bukidnon who was known for his magnificent work of art. Born from the family of artist, his father is a painter and sculptor, his mother is a freelance writer and a teacher, his older sister is a renowned international classical singer who represented Philippines in one of the vocal competitions in Europe while their youngest sister is a teacher too who also joined the ABS-CBN’s 2006 Pinoy Dream Academy. Chico graduated Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at the prestigious Ateneo De Manila University receiving Dean’s Award for the Arts, For Achievement in Visual Arts, Year 2000 as well as Art Editor of HEIGHTS Literary Organization & Publication, Stage Manager of TANGHALANG ATENEO Theater Group and Writer of JUNIOR INQUIRER Children’s Periodical. He works as a web designer and a copywriter. 

Chico Barretto at the Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Photo from his Facebook account.

Chico Barretto's Paintings

Photos from his Facebook account. 

Detail on:  Kaamulan Street Dancing | oil on canvas | yr. 2000

Bukidnon Woman | acrylic, pastel on board | yr. 2004

Wings | acrylic on canvas paper | yr. 1998/9

Kruseyder | oil on canvas | yr. 2003

Bukidnon Girl | oil on canvas | yr. 1998

Rubber Trees | oil on canvas | yr. 2003

3 Generations Women | oil on canvas | yr. 2002

For the information of everyone, Chico is my painting mentor/teacher way back year 2004. I am so proud that I was one of his students.

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  1. his father Vic Barreto is my mentor and teacher in my high school days.


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