The Bukidnon State University Museum

I always love to visit museums whenever I have time. In my school (Bukidnon State University), I am so fortunate to find one. The Bukidnon State University Museum entails the genuine and treasures of Bukidnon people over the past years. The museum features different things, paintings and artifacts about Bukidnon culture and indigenous things. Our school was fortunate to gather these arts and what we called "antiques", it's also a way of emancipating the cultural aspects and its diversity. The museum has an impact especially to the sociologists and artists, which serve as their reference and place where they can conduct their studies and art works. Fortunately, I know very well the in-charge of the museum, who is actually a good educator and a philosopher in BSU. I am so honored to be given the chance to tour around and especially to take photos. 

The indigenous things, artifacts, costumes, portraits, paintings, accessories were all donated, preserved  and deposited in the BSU Museum for educational purposes and for awareness of everyone. 

The Bukidnon State University Museum is located at the 2nd floor of BSU Elementary Laboratory School, under the supervision of Ms. Loreta Sol Dinlayan. Museum is open from  Monday to Friday.


  1. Makakuha tag information about sa 7 tribes of Bukidnon? Kumbaga background sa mga tribes ba?

    1. Hi James, thanks for dropping your comment. Actually, I can't say if there are background infos about the 7 tribes at the museum. As far as I know, some of the seven tribes doesn't give infos and for some writers, if they're going to publish a background of a certain tribe, it has to be check first by the Datu of the tribe and the FPIC.

  2. This is really good! Very professional! Great pictures too. Keep it up. Lookin forward on your future posts. =))

  3. Hi Neophyte! Thank you very much for reading my posts. I featured this article "The BSU Museum" because I believe this certain place will give answer to the new generation and the future Taga Bukidnon.



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