The Kolor Kumbira II Experience

In line with the Kagay-An Festival 2013 is the Kolor Kumbira II, in coordination with the Biswal Mindanao Inc. and Limketkai Center. Kolor Kumbira II is a painting exhibit participated by different mindanaoan artists showcasing the different styles and techniques in visual arts. Located at the North Concourse, 2nd floor, Limketkai Mall. The exhibit started August 16 and ended August 23. It was an unexpected occurrence for me to visit the exhibit because, I went to Limketkai Mall that day to perform for the Cultural & History Month of Mindanao, the same venue, and that there’s no way for me to miss the exhibit since I am very particular with visual arts. I took some photos of the paintings during our technical rehearsal at the Rotunda prior to the show. 

A photo with myself inside the exhibit area. Vissi D'arte! 


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