Pagbantog Kagayan: A Concert for Peace

The Cagayan De Oro artists reunited again to hold a concert for peace and emanating the value of resiliency. We all know that Cagayan De Oro City experienced different unexpected things like Typhoon Sendong years ago, and the recent bombings in the city that killed eight people. Pagbantog, a cebuano word which means "fight" is the title of the concert, under the creative leadership of Atty. Samantha S. Tan. It was a big privilege for me to be invited and to witness how Kagay-anon's fight and promote peace through music and arts. The concert was indeed astounding and touching. I was fascinated by the CDO talents, no wonder why the city was dubbed as "The City of Golden Friendship. I enjoyed and was really entertained. 

I would like to congratulate the event organizers of the Pagbantog Kagayan Concert. To Atty. Sam Tan; for being there to promote and show to people that Kagay-anon's are warriors. To Sir Lito Munoz; thank you sir for accompanying me during the event. It was super VIP for me. And lastly, to Mindanaoan.Com; thanks Ms. Irene for letting me represent you on behalf. 


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