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Another side of me is being a sentimentalist to my favorite things – Oh yes! I carried all my sentimental things with me for the past past years. I admit when I was in high school, I use to keep all my art projects, both passed and failed quizes, essays and many more scribbled drafts. I am really fond of reading newspapers especially the Art and the Entertainment Section. I read them because I want to know more about the latest paintings to classical music as well. I must confess to you that I do love feature articles about music, icon and the current state of the art. And that, I will show you some of my treasured clippings from the different newspapers and magazines. Promise me, I have a lot of clipping collections at home and those are my tools of becoming an artist. 

Joanna Ampil – Joanna is one of my most favorite Broadway singers

Lani Misalucha and Regine Velasquez - The back to back concert of Lani Misalucha and Regine Velasquez years ago. Two of the Asia’s most powerful and influential singers.

Reaching The High Notes – One of my most favorite feature article about music and icon. I just love how Karla Gutierrez (Founder and Manager of The Philippine Opera Company) fought the objections of creating an Opera group in the Philippines. I sought that in every good intentions, there is always a good way. Voila! Karla Gutierrrez established the Opera group in 1999. I’ve been following the Philippine Opera Company via online since when I was in high school. I can still remember I asked questions and repost some of their concerts through 

La Boheme – An Italian opera by Giacomo Puccini that reveres my entire aprreciation to opera. This was a Philippine production brought by the Philippine Opera Company in 2008 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I wasn’t able to watch the opera but, I knew it was indeed successful and a grandeur. 

God Had A Different Plan For Us – From the entertainment section of Philippine Star, featuring Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha. I will always be the #1 fan of Lani. Lani shows her versatility in singing and in performing. She’s a product of perfection. The article reveals her life on stage and the American voyage with her family and friends. 

Harana Is Also For Kids & Teens – Harana is one the Philippine’s greatest culture in music. I just love when the Philippine Opera Company created this artistic musical concert. I certainly agree that this concert is essential. Why? Because this certain art is no longer familiar to the youth. And furthermore, one of the singers in Harana is Deeda Barretto – a soprano from University of the Philippines Conservatory of Music who influenced me to sing Kundiman and our sariling atin. She also came from Bukidnon and I met her in a concert years ago.

They Will Sing To Save Nolyn – This one is a benefit concert for the “Tenor ng Bayan” Sir Nolyn Cabahug. This was very touching and fullfiling because all of the country’s classical artists gathered for a benefit concert just to help Sir Nolyn for his regular dialysis. To those of few who aren’t familiar to him, Sir Nolyn is one the Philippine’s sought after tenor. He promoted the Philippine Kundiman music to its finest. 

Her Scintillating Life On Stage – This was Lea Salonga’s 30th Anniversary concert entitled “Lea Salonga… My Life on Stage” at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2008. The award-winning musical actress that conquered the world because of her crystal clear voice. 

The Sampung Mga Daliri Concert - A tour de force performance at the Cultural Center of the Philippines brought by the University of Santo Tomas artists.

Lani Misalucha at Las Vegas - SOS with Lani in Las Vegas. Proud Filipinos gave Lani a standing ovation during her show at the Flamengo Hotel in Las Vegas. 

Philippine Opera Company Turns 10 - The country's only opera group that shows the standards and beauty of opera to deserving Filipino audience turns 10. I am very happy that the POC continued to pursue their vision and mission in promoting arts and culture. Congratulations POC and ma'am Karla! 


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