La Divina... Maria Callas

Ever since the opera world began, music is always associated with voice. A musical piece wouldn’t be effective if not with the presence of the human voice and its interpretation. Therefore the human voice is the most special instrument in the world of opera and in music. Opera is an unforgiving world, because it demands the human voice to sound divine.

Throwback during my elementary days, I remembered it’s because of Encarta. Encarta made it possible for me to understand well what really opera is. Then I was hooked up by this legendary and well-known operatic soprano who contributed artistry to every major opera houses in the world. She was not just a soprano, as well as known for her exquisite tastes in couture and in fashion. Her fashion statement was being compared to the sophistry of Jackie O, and would definitely label her as one of the unique divas. The American-Greek soprano Maria Callas was the most influential opera singer in the 20th century. She was praised because of her incomparable interpretations of bel canto repertoires as well as her dramatic gifts.  

Maria Callas dubbed as La Divina came to the world to emancipate the beauty of opera to its glorifying scenes. Not all of you may wonder if she’s famous. Yes, she was one of the highest paid opera singers in the world and noted for her charming aura which made her the standard female protagonist in an opera. She was also involved with issues, one of which was her weight loss and affair with Aristotle Onassis. Today’s generation, she was a great influence to the current artists especially her style. Like her famous black eye brow and her signature hair style was even used until now by Adele and the late Amy Winehouse. That’s how she influences every woman in the world. 

I featured Maria Callas because I am such a fan of her. I always listen to her recordings whenever I am with my Walkman before, and so lucky to have these new sets of apple gadgets. I can now watch her videos and download her opera arias from the different operas.

~In memory of~

Maria Callas 
1923 - 1977

Maria Callas singing the famous aria "Habanera" from the opera Carmen at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London. 


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