The Tabang Malaybalay

When the aftermath of Bagyong Yolanda occurred in the Philippines, many lost their lives and their livelihood for everyday. It was on November 8, 2013 when Typhoon Yolanda/Hayan hit the Visayan region of Philippines. 

It was the darkest day among Filipinos. Most of the victims suffered from famine and some for societal issues. When are they going to settle? Where will they get the money in order to feed their family? It was really a question of survival. Though all of us Filipinos helped the victims by giving relief goods, services and money, it isn’t enough to provide them a good shelter and a stable life. Philippines were still fortunate because all countries did something in order to help the victims, as well as the prominent celebrities all over the world. Foreign countries saluted every Filipinos, why? After all the trials and the grief, Filipinos showed resiliency and braveness in the midst of the crisis. That’s why I am proud to be pinoy!

In my hometown in Bukidnon, I was also very busy of creating a donation drive at home. Everyday I was so busy picking up donations from house to house, battling with my class schedules. Yes, I have vacant time. A fellow Bukidnon folk Jamie Gellor sent me a private message in Facebook. Jamie and I aren’t that close friends, but I always met her during soiree and social events here in Malaybalay. She was saying in Facebook, “Hi Emil, maybe we could meet and we can create something that will help Yolanda victims”. For me, why not, after all, our intent is to help. So I settled time for her to meet up somewhere and there, brainstorming and suggestions were opened! We planned to have a dinner for a cause. We were thinking of so many things. That’s how it all started.

Upon the days of planning the dinner for a cause, Jamie and I were thinking that the two of us can’t carry and cover the whole event. Of course, we need more heads and services. The next person I approached is one of my closest friends in Bukid, Jacquee Baula, a business woman and distributor of San Miguel Beer in Malaybalay.  Jacquee joined the pack and she was our operations manager of the event. Yikes!!! Jamie Gellor is our Project Head, while I was the Production Manager but, something’s lacking, how about the styling and artsy things especially the venue? Maybe we could tap someone for creative instincts, and here’s Michael Ho, a wedding planner, events organizer and designer from Bukidnon. Michael didn’t hesitate to join the team and he became our Creative Director. The team is complete and we’re ready to unleash our project which is, TABANG MALAYBALAY: A Benefit Dinner for Yolanda victims.

The organizers and the event were created in 2 weeks only. Cramming and Head aches, present! We have errands and meetings every day and every night. That’s how we handled our rigid schedules and appointments. 

What is Tabang Malaybalay? 

Tabang Malaybaly is a dinner for a cause that aims to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda particularly some of the most devastated barangays in Eastern Samar. With the main purpose of giving back their dignity through a rehabilitation project of rebuilding their lost homes. 

This event shall hopefully encourage the essence of charity amongst the people of Malaybalay City by building a sense of 
community and lending each other’s God-given talents, time, and services for a worthy cause.

We, the organizers of Tabang Malaybalay and Muzic Sound Studio would like to invite you to join us not just for the entertainment and good food but for a complete experience with friends and family. All you need to do is to dine and have a good time.

The Tabang Malaybalay Organizers from left Michael Ho, Jamie Gellor, Emil Cid and Jacquee Baula.  

Photo Credits to Ed Millard Photography

Here are the photos during our countless meetings and appointments with each other. :)


  1. Hi tabang malaybalay, congratulations! I was there and it was entertaining. Wala ko nag expect nga daghan diay talented sa malaybalay. congrats again!

    1. Hi Jason,

      Thank you very much for coming! I am glad you enjoyed the benefit dinner. Yes, there are actually a lot of talented people in Malaybalay. It made more special because they dedicate it for free. All for charity. :) Thank you for coming, Dave!



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