My 2013 Christmas and New Year's Wish List

Christmas is the time where you spend it with your loved-ones.  Christmas is the time for rejoicing, thanking and reconciling. As the holidays getting closer, people are busy going to malls, attend Christmas concerts, and the most important, going to church for “Simbang Gabi”. 

But to feel the spirit of Christmas, people are expecting presents from their friends and God parents, which is NOT really the essence of Christmas. A true Christmas is when you celebrate the Savior’s birth and celebrate it with your family with or without food preparations. It’s all about unity and peace!

As for us, we feel bad if we don’t receive any presents. It might be the sign that no one remembered us. Well well, it depends upon the situation and other matters. For me, If I receive gifts or not,  I am happy to celebrate my Christmas, because the year 2013 gave me a lot of blessings especially for my career. However, I would love to receive anything if there’s this someone who wants too, I have my Christmas wish list below and you might wanna take look on what’s trending for my Christmas wishes.

Ever since my career in classical music began, PASHMINA became my bestfriend. It helps my voice preserved from any chills and weather concerns. PASHMINA is not just for my voice, it also gave me the “Fahion Trademark” in our school. Students and Faculty dubbed me as “Bukidnon’s Risa Hontiveros version”, because of my colorful massive collections of Pashminas. And Yes, I love love love love love and never ever will hate PASHIMNA! I need them actually. 

2. Travel Leather Bags
I am but a traveler now. Being a blogger is not just about procrastination and writing. A blogger is also responsible for traveling there and everywhere. And I need this kind of Bag! I mean it. I just like the whole creativity and design of this leather bag. I actually have them, but I bought it mostly at the Ukay-Ukay stores. Yes, ama UK fan. It‘s better to buy at the Ukay-Ukay, why?  Aside from being branded and durable, it’s CHEAP! All we want is to save money and be practical.


3. Cardigan
This cape and loose sweaters captivated my attention earlier this year. I love wearing them for parties and any other events. It adds attitude and the sense of fashion in me. It maybe my next target for collections and I am hoping so. This capes and loose sweaters can be so very helpful also for my voice. I mean, yes! It also protects the chill and whatsoever hindrance for singers. Pretty please give me, the BLACK ones. LOL! :D 


Thank you, Thank you, Ang mabait ninyu thank you!!!  


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