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"The Pechay Girls"

I met these two girls selling out vegetables in a waiting shed near our house. I asked one of them if where did they came from, both of them ignored my question. :( So I just took a photo of them and finally, one of them said "Imu man mi gi kodakan, paliti mi ug Pitsay bi", I was so shocked! So I bought 2 Petchay for only 10 pesos. They gave me a discount. LOL :D 


She's Mariel, a 5 year-old girl who lives in San Jose, Malaybalay City. I like her because of being energetic and confident. In the photo, I met her at the coffee room of the Monastery of Transfiguration. She was very charming, she was eating a slice of watermelon. What makes me admire her, her simple magic word saying "Thank you" after I took a photo of her. So sweet! :)

"The innocent kid vendor"

I met this young boy in a cafeteria near our Barangay. I remember I saw him after I went the cafeteria. He was so kind and respectful, he said "Sir, palit na ug trapo. Pahangyu-un taka". I was kinda touched, not to imagine he's still young to do for a living. So this young boy captivated my attention, I bought 1 rag and he was so thankful and happy. I so love this adorable kid. :) 


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