Review: The Roadhouse Café

If you are looking for one of the best epicures in Bukidnon, there’s nothing more you want but the Roadhouse Café. The accessible café located along the highway of Barangay Bagoon-taas, Valencia City would probably your destination for the best of the best foods and ambiance. My dear friends Igoy, Jacquee, Irene and I went to Valencia City for some errands and decided to have our lunch at the Roadhouse – So happy to be back there at last! It isn't just your typical café like tables and chairs around. It was more beautified from their interior designs to their well-trained cooks, waiters and waitresses with hospitality and good manners. Roadhouse Café was known for their famous and in demand specialties like “Roast Beef” and “Salads”, and the great reception for weddings, parties, birthdays and all other events for affordable price. I bet you will not regret if you’ll choose Roadhouse Café, the best answer to your food cravings and experience. 

As of now, Roadhouse Café has 2 branches. One is in Cagayan De Oro City, particularly in SM CDO and the other one is in Davao, located at SM Davao Ecoland, in front of National Bookstore.  


Seafood In A Basket 

This menu is full of seafood blast including the soup. It was cooked perfectly, not overcooked and not too mashy. You will taste the entire seafood ingredients as well as the perfect mixture.

Crispy Pata 

My entire favourite of all the menus, it’s because it’s pork. And YES, I don’t have any whatsoever comment but PERFECT and VERY GOOD! From the way it was cooked, it was clearly a good type of pork. Soft and very crispy that will make you finish it including the bones. If you’ll order this Crispy Pata, am sure you will be the luckiest costumer to taste it. 

       Crispy Dilis and Mango Ensalda
      When I first saw this menu, I appreciated the plating and the way it was arranged. Especially seeing the mango on top, Yummmmm!!! When I tasted it with Dilis together with the chopped tomatoes, onions, letuce and cabbages  I was kind of searching the taste, the taste was a mixture of salty and sourly ingredients. Go find your taste! It really tastes good.

Crispy Kangkong
      I'm not totally a vegetarian. But when I tasted this Crispy Kangkong dipped in a Mayonnaise, it made me repeat it on and on and I was like eating a crispy lumpia. I like the way it was fried, not too oily and salty. I was so brave to have eaten it all. 


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