Colds On A Christmas Season

Christmas is the time when everyone is rejoicing and gleeful. But for those who are sick, Christmas is like bloody hell. I felt bad on christmas day, it’s because I got a virus and it took my happiness away. 

My cousins and relatives who lived far away visited us here in Bukidnon. It was a moment and pleasure to finally see them again and make fun with them. Well, it’s our tradition as Filipinos to go to church on the night of December 24, which followed by our Noche Buena. I already felt the headache, sneezing and nasal congestions.  

Celebrating a Christmas with my family would not be complete without a “Magic Sing”, or perhaps a Karaoke. We love to sing, Yes! That’s why music is everywhere to us. In my case, I DIDN’T ENJOY MY CHRISTMAS. Though I still have the voice to sing, I can really sense that it’s not anymore the 100% voice that I’ve been using on stage. My cousins already merry bidding for a score of 99. I can’t even reach properly my high notes! Ouch! Colds on a Christmas Season killed my happiness and I was like… Props? Back up dancer? Ughhhh!!! For God’s sake, I felt so bad. That was a very terrible Christmas for me. 


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