Best Christmas Music from Classical Artists

The best music for Christmas is from the world renowned classical artists. 

It's Christmas time! Another way of letting us feel that we are celebrating the season is through the music that we hear from the malls, streets and even our neighbor's house. We all know that music is the man's best friend, comforter and reminder. 

To explain to you why classical music, it’s because of the reason that these classical artists spent many years in developing, mastering their crafts from the best conservatory schools in the world. So, it is an indication that these artists have mastered their fortes in music particularly in voice.  These artists are not just the traditional type but the creative kind. In classical music, they have different interpretations and styles in recording that will give you chills and goose bumps. I promise that! 

Here are my recommended classical songs from the famous classical artists that I’m listening to this season: 

Dame Joan Sutherland, renowned soprano and the people's "La Stupenda". 

Libera, the English boys choir from London. 

Renée Fleming, American soprano and the "People's Diva". 

Luciano Pavarotti, Italian operatic tenor of all time. 

Josh Groban, Noel album. 

Andrea Bocelli the Italian tenor in My Christmas. 

Placido Domingo the Spanish tenor in My Christmas. 


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